Generation To Generation

November 22, 2023

"I did not have the privilege of having Douglas Kelly as one of my seminary professors, but since moving to Charlotte, it has been my privilege to work alongside and minister with many men who count Dr. Kelly as one of their formative influences. They all say the same thing about the excellence of his piety, his learning, his doctrinal fidelity, and his theological insights. As a professor at RTS Charlotte, and as a member of the same Presbytery, I can now count Dr. Kelly as a friend and colleague. I'm happy to say the reports of his giftedness and godliness are true! It has also been a joy to work alongside his delightful and talented wife, Caroline. I warmly commend this volume of essays in honor of Dr. Kelly. The chapters are stimulating, learned, and edifying – a fitting tribute to Dr. Kelly's legacy inside and outside the classroom."

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This content was originally published on Westminster Theological Seminary

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