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Football, the Future, and Personal Piety

January 17th, 2023

If you want a longer-than-usual discussion about football, you’ve come to the right episode. After ruminating on why Americans like football so much, the three amigos turn their attention to more familiar themes, prognosticating on which Christians around today will still be known 50 years from now. This leads to a subsequent discussion about strategy versus faithfulness, and then a final conversation about the missing piety in our age.


00:00 Intro and Sponsor

2:11 Banter and Listener Mailbox

5:39 Why Do Americans like Football?

20:36 Who Will We Remember in Fifty Years?

42:31 How Can We Make a Difference

52:47 Have We Become Allergic to Piety?

1:05:40 Sponsor 2

1:06:21 Recent Lessons