An Update, Vision, and Explanation of Clearly Reformed

February 6, 2023

I want to share an update with you regarding Clearly Reformed.

Actually, part update, part vision, part explanation.

You may be a little confused about what exactly the ministry Clearly Reformed is and
does. That’s understandable, because the ministry is just getting off the ground, and we
are building parts of the plane as it’s in the air.

There are three ways to think about Clearly Reformed.

One, it is a 501(c)3 ministry organization that was launched about a year ago. We
started out as a ministry under Christ Covenant Church, where I pastor, but now we are
our own non-profit entity. We have a board of directors, of which I’m the chairman. And
we have an executive director—our full-time employee who makes everything go
behind the scenes. So that’s what Clearly Reformed is in a technical sense. But that’s not
much of a vision or an explanation.

Two, you can think of Clearly Reformed as a ministry that tries to collect and steward
the various resources that I produce. We certainly aren’t as big or as well-established as
a Desiring God or a Ligonier, but you can think of Clearly Reformed sort of like those
ministries in that DG started out as the resource ministry of John Piper, and Ligonier
started out as the resource ministry of RC Sproul. They’ve become much larger than
that, but that’s how they started out. You can think of Clearly Reformed as the resource
ministry of Kevin DeYoung. I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious, but that’s what we
are trying to do in a nutshell.

But there’s a third way to think about Clearly Reformed, because ultimately the point of
the ministry is in its name. The big aim is not to spread Kevin DeYoung's content. The big
aim is to provide resources for the church that are “clearly Reformed.” That name has a
twofold meaning. On one hand, it describes me and what I’m about. I am clearly a
Reformed guy. That’s my theology. That’s my church tradition. Those are my ministry
and theological heroes. But there is another layer of meaning too. I believe one of the
great needs in our day is for clarity. We live in an age of confusion and complication.
People need Bible truths and good theology presented clearly and applied carefully—to
their lives and to the problems all around them. That’s what I’m passionate about. That’s
what Clearly Reformed is about.

Under this Clearly Reformed umbrella, we have a number of ministry initiatives—some
already in existence, some in the works, and some still in the dreaming stage. Let me
mention four.

First, we have This website has over 3,000 pieces of content I’ve
produced over the years—sermons, articles, columns, interviews, and conference messages.
If I’ve spoken it or said it, we are trying to put it on the website where you can find it.
Currently, the web address has been, and that will still direct you to
the right place. But you’ll notice that the domain name has been changed to Same content, same webpage, different name. But the old
address will still get you there. In fact, if you can’t remember those addresses, you can
use That will work too.

Second, we have Life, and Books, and Everything. That’s my podcast where I interview
authors, ministry leaders, and other guests. Sometimes I talk to my friends about what’s
happening in the world. And sometimes I use that platform to read articles I’ve written
for World Opinions, or for Ligonier, or Desiring God, or TGC, or 9Marks, or First Things.
LBE is a part of what Clearly Reformed is trying to accomplish. You can find LBE on
YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

Third, you may have seen the explainer video we released last year on divine simplicity.
We hope to make more of those in the months ahead. As you can imagine, they take
time and money. But as we have funding, we want to keep making videos like that to
explain important theological topics in a short, professional, attractive video format. Be
looking for more videos later in the year. And if you or someone you know would like to
support this particular venture, we are looking for funding to speed up the process.
Fourth, I’ve been working with some friends in ministry behind the scenes to launch a
new pastors' conference. I’m really excited about what we have coming together. Stay
tuned for more details. We are hoping to say much more about this conference in the
next few weeks.

Clearly Reformed is a brand-new ministry. Like I said, just about a year old. We don’t
need to be big, broad, or impressive. But we do want to be organized, strategic, and,
most of all, faithful to God’s word and to the Reformed faith. Of course, my main job
and my main love is to be the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church. I also teach
theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. Clearly Reformed is not meant to distract
from those primary callings. But hopefully, with some great people working behind the
scenes, we might be able to serve the cause of Christ in the world, and Clearly Reformed
might be a blessing to you and your church.

Kevin DeYoung

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