Benjamin Warfield Collection

March 17, 2023

I am thrilled to see these new editions of B. B. Warfield’s classic works. Even for someone as brilliant and as influential as Warfield, his best writings have been hard to find gathered in one place, or in print at all. I hope every pastor, theological student, and interested layperson will get hold of these volumes. If they do, they will benefit from Warfield’s scholarly precision, biblical fidelity, and deep personal piety.

More than a century after his death, B. B. Warfield is still one of the most important exegetes and theologians in the Reformed tradition and for the evangelical church more broadly. The articles collected in The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible and in The Person and Work of Christ are deservedly considered classics in the field. I read them early on in my theological training and continue to read them with joy and profit. They belong on the shelf of every Christian who is eager to know the Christian faith in greater depth and to defend the truth once for all delivered to the saints.

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