Systematic Theology 1 | Lecture 11

March 17, 2023

This course will systematically present biblical teaching on the topics of Scripture (prolegomena), Theology proper (doctrine of God), and Anthropology (doctrine of man) as understood and taught within the Reformed tradition. We will also talk about the place of systematic theology in the Christian life and why it is critical for pastors to think and write well. Consequently, we will focus on understanding and articulating sound theology. While the course is academic by nature, it is also designed to be doxological (inspiring us to worship) and practical (helping us in real life ministry).

Course Recordings:

These lectures are posted weekly until the class is complete and the YouTube playlist can be followed here.

These recordings were from Dr. Kevin DeYoung's Systematic Theology 1 course at Reformed Theological Seminary and were recorded during the Fall 2022 semester.