Podcast - Mortification of Spin

Celebrating 500 Episodes!

April 10th, 2024

"It really is important to have friends. It's not a sufficient condition for being faithful in ministry, but I do think it is a necessary condition, and it's really important to have people to know who you really are and [to] joke with, but also be challenged by, and know that they are looking over your shoulder in a good way."

Back in 2013, Carl and Todd launched Mortification of Spin with their first episode, "Rock Star Pastors in Las Vegas," sharing a microphone in a small underground bunker. All these years later, they no longer share a mic, but they're still going strong, celebrating their 500th first-run episode. Joining them for this momentous occasion are their good friends, Kevin DeYoung and Matt Eusey. After reminiscing about the early days, the conversation turns toward the importance of meaningful friendships. The guys consider the benefits of friendship and the current challenges we face as these most vital relationships have undergone a dramatic transformation.