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Life and Ministry with Mark Dever

November 18th, 2022

In this fun, punchy, and (hopefully) edifying conversation, Kevin interviews his good friend, Mark Dever, about his conversion, his ministry on Capitol Hill, whether you have to be an extrovert to evangelize, and why Kevin likes G.K. Chesterton and Mark doesn’t.


Intro, Guest, and Sponsor [0:00-4:21]

Does Membership Make Churches Unfriendly? [4:22-8:58]

Dever's Youth and Conversion [8:59-15:13]

Practicals for Evangelism [15:14-19:14]

Dever's Later Education [19:15-25:42]

Ministry in DC [25:43-36:16]

Dever's Influences [36:17-40:22]

Strengths and Weaknesses [40:23-44:10]

Presbyterians and Baptists [44:11-48:14]

Evangelicalism [48:15-55:12]